What is YinYang Yoga?

What is YinYang Yoga?

YinYang Yoga is to experience the qualities of yin and yang in the yoga positions in order to improve mobility and flexibility with ease. The interplay between passive and active yogastyles helps us to effectively alleviate tensions and pain and to wake up the energy flow for better balance and deep relaxation in body and mind. The mindfulness about the anatomical individuality helps us to meet our needs and limitations. Through working with the meridian system we get a feeling of wholeness in body and mind and find the needed ingredients for renewal and health. 

Possibilities of YinYang Yoga poses

How to Yoga

YinYang yoga is not a yoga style

It's about your energy state at this moment 

What does my body need right now?

How passive or active should it be?

Where do I meet my body?

Learning to feel your body in the moment

Learning to work with the right dose

So that energy can transform

So that your yoga can be effective

Are some of the skills acquired

In the practice of Yinyang yoga 

You want to do your yoga but you are tired

So why not do a very passive way of yoga

Most passive yoga is restorative yoga

It happened to me that I fell asleep in sukhasana

In sleep my joints are relaxed and show no resistance

The tensions held in the body dissipate

The most flexible I can be

I feel soft and at peace in my body

Sometimes the energy is stuck

There is inertia

And a need to move is felt

I might use movement to wake up the tissue

I might use music to bring rhythm

Moving between yin and yang

Then it can flow again

I feel more alive motivated clear


On my YouTube channel you can find YinYangYoga excercises in movement:

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