Detailed education

Detailed education

1993-1995: SHIATSU-education in the International Macrobiotic Institute i Kiental (Schweiz)

1995: "To understand the client's personality" (original title: "Die Persönlichkeit des Klientens verstehen) with Christian Schnabel (CH)

1996: Movement and dance therapy school with Anneliese Zimmermann (CH); "Contact Improvisation" with Norbert Faller (CH); "Dancing from the inside out" with Margie Gillis (CH)

1997: "Visceral Manipulation" with Dr. Michael Shea (CH)

1998: Ideokinesis with Nancy Topf (USA); Assistent in the SHIATSU-education at the International SHIATSU School (ISS) in Kiental (CH); "Regenerations-Energie" with Stanley Lanseloot (CH)

1999: Assistent in the SHIATSU-education ISS Kiental (CH); Seminars in "Contemporary Dance Technique" with Diane Buttler (DE) and "Somatic Movement Therapy and Body Mind Centering BMC" with  Marthe Eddy (DE)

2000-2001: Trager-education (USA och CH) - Member in the Trager association Switzerland

2000: "Structures, functions and feelings" (original title: "Strukturen, Funktionen und Gefühle") with Deane Juhan (CH); "Anatomy and Physiology" with Deane Juhan (USA); "Anatomy and physiology" (original title: "Anatomie und Physiology") with Eva-Maria Willach (DE)

2001: "Neurology and to be authentic" (original title: "Neurologie und authentisch sein") with Deane Juhan (CH); "Anatomy and physiology" (original title: "Anatomie und Physiologie") with Dr. Maurice Hirsch (F); "Movement Transformation - to open the heart" (original title: "Movement Transformation - öffnen des Herzens") with Roger Tolle (DE)

2002: "Body-Mind-Centering" in Amherst, Massachusetts (USA) that included the following courses: "Ligamentous System", "Fluid System", "Endocrine System", "Nervous System" and "Muscular System"

2003: "Cranio-Sacral-1" with Friedrich Wolf (CH); "Structural Strategies" with Thomas Myers (USA); "Sideposition" (originaltitel: "Seitenlage") with Roger Tolle (CH)

2003-2004: Academic year in "Cranial and general Osteopathy" at the Swiss International College of Osteopathy (CH) that included the following courses: "Pelvis/Sacrum", "Pelvis II", "Lower Extremities/Cranial", "Strain/Counterstrain", "Knees", "Lumbar Spine/Bones of the Vault"

2004: "Somatic Explorations: The Gamma-Senso-motoric system" (original title: "Somatic Explorations: Das Gamma-Senso-motorische System") with Deane Juhan (CH)

2005: "Cranio-Sacral-Therapy: Viszerale dynamic" with Michael Kern (CH)

2006-2007: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy education at the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust (UK). International certificate

2008: "The thoracic spine" (original title: "Die Brustwirbelsäule") with Bill Scholl (CH); "Shiatsu and chacral work" (original title: "Shiatsu und Chakrenarbeit") with Saul Goodman (CH)

2009: "The embryological foundations of movement" with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (USA)

2010: "Visceral Manipulation" with Jörg Schürpf (CH); "The midline: the way of the middle" (original title: "Die Mittellinie: der Weg der Mitte") with Michael Kern (CH)

2012-2013: "The basis of conventional medicine" (original title: "Schulmedizinische Grundlagen") at theDa-Sein Institut (CH)

2012: "Dissoziation" with Haines Steve (CH); "The School for the Work" with Katie Byron (USA)

2013: "Heart course" (original title: "Herzkurs") with Marianne Brunner (CH); "Yin Yoga Foundation" with Sebastian Pucelle (F); "Yin Yoga and Anatomy" (original title: "Yin Yoga und Anatomie") with Markus Hennig Giess (D)

2014: "Exploring the path of the Yin Yoga Teacher" with Biff Mithoefer (USA); "Original Yin Yoga, fascia & meridians" with Dirk Bennewitz and Andrea Kubasch (D)

2014: "Primary breathing and the fluid body" (original title: "Primäre Atmung und der Flüssigkeitskörper") with Michael Shea (CH)

2014: "Insight Yoga" with Sarah Powers

2015: "Living Matrix - the energy of touch" (original title: "Living Matrix - Die Energie der Berührung") with James Oshmann

2015: "Yin and Yang Yoga Immersion" with Simon Low

2015: "Selftreatment Craniosacral" (original title: "Selbstbehandlung Craniosacral") with Daniel Agustoni

2016: "The fascia and the inner organs from a biodynamic point of view" (original title: "Die Faszie und innere Organe aus biodynamischer Sicht") with Friedrich Wolf

2016: "Body-Mind-Centering: Travel into the liveliness of the body systems" (original title: "Body-Mind-Centering: Reise in die Lebendigkeit der Körpersysteme") with Jeanette Engeler and Helena Nicolao

2016: "Expanding and deepening of the basic principles of the Trager work" (original title: "Erweiterung und Vertiefung der Grundprinzipien der Trager-Arbeit") with Gail Stewart, Gwen Crowell and Bill Scholl

2017: "Craniosacral therapy and burnout" (original title: "Craniosacral Therapie bei Burnout") with Rein Van Der Laan

2018: "Horisontal and vertical structures" (original title: "Waagerechte und senkrechte Strukturen") with Sandra Gubler

2018: "The fascia as an organ of inwardness" (original title: "Die Faszie als Organ der Innerlichkeit") with Jaap van der Wal